What Our Clients Say?

“Pilates has never be in my consideration for exercise as I preferred more groovy mad sweating kind of workout till I discovered the stiffness in my muscles from the over intensified workouts that I had over the years. Also when I was much younger, I had a crooked spine due to the heavy weighted school bags. I slouched very often till I felt there is something that needed to be done.

I have known Lavinia Ang as a good friend cum an awesome Pilates instructor. Honestly she doesn’t just teach you to do but she actually makes sure you do it right and she keeps you going with her encouragements which sadly is hard to achieve such guidance from most of the fitness centre unless it’s a personal Pilates training kind then of course it’s different.

After attending her class, I felt my muscles less tensed up and most importantly, it improved my posture. I was more conscious on how I presented myself which is important as it gives you an overall of a confident person. Goodbye to all the stiffness and a hunchback! I am really thankful I have met her and trust me, just the first lesson with her definitely changes your life. Pilates is a great way to give yourself a boost of energy plus clearing your mind. I always walked out feeling great after my lesson with Lavinia. No regrets! Folks, do get started early for a healthy living before it’s too late. Good luck.”

– Josephine Goh



Before and after 2 months Pilates

Before and after 2 months Pilates

 “I started a 1 to 1 session with Lavinia on 5 May 2014 after stopping for a year and the half due to work commitments and children.

We talked about what I want from doing pilates. I wanted to be back in shape, be stronger and fit. I had put on quite a couple of kilograms since I had my kids and I decided that I must work at getting my figure back. So I started with 1 session each week to start my engine again from no exercise at all.

From the second month onwards, I did twice weekly sessions and also started my diet plan on 23 June to coincide with my Pilates. I ate healthier food, eating clean and I lost 2.6kg in a month. Most amazingly, I lost my tummy and am stronger in my core muscle due to Pilates. Lavinia will push me a little each time so that I grow stronger and get better. Things got easier after awhile.

I used to hunch quite a bit and I am now consciously telling myself to stand tall and find my balance, it totally works. I also no longer have that backache.I know my spine is getting the exercises it requires.

Thanks Lavinia for the program that you have set up for me, each week is a different set of exercises so that things are not routine.

Life is all about flexibility! Take the first step and believe you can do it.”

– Grace Chew