Is Pilates for Me?

Pilates is especially suitable for people suffering from back pain. It addresses the roots of your back pain so that with practice, you can lead a pain-free life!

Within weeks of starting , you will develop stronger core muscles to support your spine. One of the most obvious changes will be a flatter stomach as a result of working and strengthening the core muscles. Your joints will attain more flexibility. You will find that your posture will improve as you start standing taller. The back pain that used to bug you previously may now be a thing of the past. With new found grace and confidence, you may need a new wardrobe of clothes. But isn’t that a good problem to have!

In the words of Joseph Pilates, “In ten sessions, you will feel the difference; in twenty, you will see the difference and in thirty you will have a whole new body.”

Come experience the changes and develop a new body!

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