We believe that private 1-on-1 sessions is the best way to get the full benefits of Pilates and address your specific back issues with the aim to strengthen and heal your body.

The benefits of private classes are enormous. Firstly, you are moving at the pace appropriate for your body. This is particularly important when you have specific back issues to be addressed and rehabilitated. In a private setting, your teacher will be focused on ensuring that you are doing your Pilates programme safely, effectively and correctly.

If you have been receiving medical treatment for your back, we ask that you bring along your doctor’s letter indicating your condition so that we can understand your state of health and work in complement with your treatment.

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Pre-natal/Post-natal Pilates

We run pre-natal and post-natal pilates classes to prepare women on the journey to motherhood.

Pre-natal Pilates
Pregnancy is an amazing period in a woman’s life. It is also a stage where the body changes dramatically within a short period of time to accommodate the growing baby. One of the most obvious signs is weight gain. During pregnancy, a women can generally gain about 11-16kg. This extra weight will have to be supported by your spine. The pelvis naturally goes into an anterior tilt which moves the body out of alignment, weaken the abdominals and shorten the hip flexor muscles causing pelvic pain. The shift of the pelvis can affect the range of motion of the hips causing the woman to have reduced mobility. The woman’s gait changes and the “waddle” becomes evident.
We believe that exercising during pregnancy is to prepare your body for birth and Pilates is the best exercise for pregnancy. We empower YOU, as a woman, with the knowledge and techniques to prepare your body for birth. Our program is developed with an emphasis to support you as your body changes. The techniques that you learn will put you in good stead long after your baby is born and in your journey as a parent.

Each session in our studio is conducted as a private 1-on-1 session personalized according to your body condition and pregnancy progress. As every woman experiences pregnancy in her own way, this private session ensures that it is developed just for you and you have the full attention of the instructor during each session. You will progress at your own pace.

In each 55-minutes prenatal private class, you will work through a series of low impact exercises. The exercises are designed to be gentle and does not place strain on your joints and back. The sessions are structured to incorporate regular short breaks and we encourage you to drink lots of water during the sessions.

Post-natal Pilates
Post delivery, the body changes very rapidly and affects the mother physically and psychologically. Many women especially first time mummies, are not adequately prepared for the extent of this change! Depression can set in at this point as the mother tries to deal with a fatigued body that is no longer the same as the old self before pregnancy, the trauma of giving birth especially if it was a difficult labour, how she looks physically and the responsibilities of a new mother. As she gets busy with the daily tasks of caring for the infant, she realises that carrying the baby and bending over to care for the baby over prolonged periods of time can create stress on her arms, shoulders and back muscles and causing them to ache.
We empower YOU, as a woman, with the knowledge and techniques to manage these issues and take responsibility for your health and fitness. Using Pilates, you will learn to build awareness and trust in your body, build strength not only in your abdominals but also in your arms, shoulders and back, relieve pain and develop better mind, body and spirit connection.

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