What your feet reveals about you

Your feet can reveal a lot about your current state of health.

Your feet perform several functions. They support our body weight allowing us to stand upright, maintain balance so that we do not fall over when we walk, act as a shock absorber and a lever to propel our feet forward when we walk. How we use our feet has a direct influence on how we move and yet not many people pay them the attention they rightly deserve.

We may wear shoes that are not the right size or have improper support to cushion and protect our feet. Even the way we stand or how we move our feet can affect our body structure. This can in turn trigger a variety of problems such as back pain, knee pain and even headaches!

Pilates is excellent in working the feet. Pilates helps clients to connect to their feet by getting them to place their body weight evenly on three points of a triangle on the feet known as foot centres. Many people do not realise that when they are standing upright, they lean too far forward from the midline or backwards. Foot centres is a good exercise to develop such awareness and bring the body back to centre.

The Pilates Reformer is great in bringing awareness, strength and flexibility back to the feet. Footwork exercises on the reformer enables you to correct hip, knee, ankle alignment and strengthen the muscles in the feet and legs. Aided by various levels of spring resistance, it is a perfect exercise for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Once the muscle imbalances are corrected, you may find that your back aches or headaches are a thing of the past.

Isn’t that great!