Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is acute pain felt in the lower back that lasts for a short period of time typically less than 3 months. Most of us would have experienced it at some point in our lives. It can interfere with our work, mobility and lifestyle. In fact, back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor for work absenteeism. It is not uncommon that when the pain hits, we are not able to stand straight and we are subjected to limited flexibility and range of motion.

Research has shown that 95% of acute lower back pains can be managed effectively by improving our posture and learning how to move more efficiently. Pilates, which emphasizes posture and functional movement, is the best way to manage your back pain.

In our sessions, you will learn techniques on proper posture, strengthen your muscles and protect your spine thereby providing relief to the strained area.

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