About Us

At Pilates for Therapy, we strive to make the studio an environment where the body can find balance in healing, strength and flexibility. We are focused on delivering best-in-class instruction where clients work out safely in a fun and supportive environment.

What sets us apart from other studios is our unique approach in delivering well thought-out programmes. Our classes are deliberately kept small so maximise learning. When we change movement, we transform lives.


Lavinia Ang

  • PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates Specialist, The Centre for Women’s Fitness

Lavinia’s journey with Pilates started from a desire to find a solution for her constant lower back pain. She was the typical gym rat, hitting the gym regularly and never missing her favourite cardio and cycling classes. Although she gained fitness, she had in return developed very tight back and hip flexor muscles. The tightness led to lower back pains which reduced her mobility and affected her lifestyle.

As such, she searched for a solution to manage that pain. She tried many options from Yoga, massage to chiropractic sessions. She found that these sessions provided temporary relief and the pain returned after some time. However, it was Pilates that was the most effective in managing her back pains. It was also through Pilates that she discovered she had scoliosis and effectively managed this condition as well. Inspired, she began to delve deeper into the work.

Her passion and desire to learn more about the Pilates method led her to pursue the teacher’s training certification, studying the work as close to the original principles of Joseph Pilates as possible. Lavinia has also studied with many renowned Pilates Master teachers including Alan Herdman, Deborah Lessen and first generation teacher Jay Grimes, one of the few remaining surviving disciples of founder Joseph Pilates.

As a back pain suffer herself, Lavinia understands pain and the debilitating effects of it. Pilates has helped Lavinia to manage the pain. Therefore, she believes that gaining fitness through Pilates is the only way to take charge and manage this problem for good.

Many of her clients who have suffered from back issues ranging from slipped discs, lower back pain to scoliosis have benefited greatly from her training, enjoying pain-free days, reaching their fitness goals and leading healthier lifestyles.